Heartwish gift shop


HeartWish Healing Center Gift Shop

All pottery is locally made by Lawrence McDonald and Greer Thompson. Hand knotted prayer malas, bracelets, and earrings also locally made by artist and HeartWish yoga teacher Kristan Cunningham of Pure Heart Jewelry. All jewelry is made with fine quality semiprecious beads, rudruskas, and sterling silver. Kristan also takes custom orders!

Pleasure Cordials, Mama Mist, assorted salves and therapeutic oil blends lovingly crafted by local clinical herbalist Joan Tylecki of Plant Wisdom Within of Lewes! Looking for some magic mineral energy? We have a lovely assortment of high energy crystals in stock!

Get Wired prayer fairy boxes are in! They are all locally handmade by Geri Nelson English and make wonderful gifts for children and adults! Write down your wish or prayer and place it in the box and the fairy takes care of the rest!

Goldensita Beauty Products

Goldensita Beauty Products by Ursula Rose! A natural beauty & skin care line created to boost skin back to its birth. We cant outsmart the pure intelligence of nature. Our skin needs the purest forms of oils, and herbs that bring a brightness to our skin that shines inside out. All the products are 100% chemical and toxin free. The rich organic ingredients are made in small batches that promise cells restoration in your skin, and helps luminate your body. Healthy skin is happy skin that glows.

The ancient Ayurveda practice says your skin drinks everything that we apply on the surface, even water. Think, then what happens when it drinks harsh chemicals that penetrate its delicate inner layers and mingle into the bloodstream. We need to feed our skin the way we feed our body. Healthy, Happily, Organic. create a rhythmic flow into our daily life. Goldensita was created with intentions to educate woman from a Vedic point of view to promote optimal nutrients in everyone’s skin.