Covid-19 Safety Measures - HeartWish Healing Center

We want to assure the public of the numerous safety precautions the HeartWish Team is taking to keep our staff and clients safe.

At HeartWish, we have zero tolerance for those not willing to adhere to Delaware’s Division of Public Health’s Emergency Orders. We wear our masks for your safety and we ask that you wear one for ours. We have complimentary disposable 3-ply masks for our clients to switch out their cloth masks with. Having found that they have better “breathability” than the cloth masks. Here is the link to the requirements for personal service businesses in Delaware, which we fall under:

Therefore, you can see, it reads: ”Proper safety procedures and cloth face coverings must be used by staff and customers at all times as set forth in the State of Emergency Orders.”


Here are the following measures that we continue to take since our August reopening:

  • Our staff and clients must have their forehead temperature taken upon arrival. If running fever or exhibit any signs of being sick, they must be asked to leave. Temperature must be below 99.0°F.
  • Staff and clients must have a mask on and over the nose. Failure to comply is an automatic refusal of service and they must leave immediately.
  • Clients may not use our waiting area per the emergency order. We have an adjunct area outside of our center for client intake.
  • We have HEPA, UV-C Ionizer air purifiers in all five of our treatment rooms and in our reception/retail area/yoga studio. The air purifiers in the treatment rooms clean the air a minimum of 4x per hour! The air purifier in our yoga studio is a medical grade H-13 HEPA that cleans 1500 square ft. per hour. *Please note that we have chosen to discontinue indoor classes at this time.
  • We are constantly disinfecting! We have a minimum of 15 minutes between clients to ensure a full surface disinfection of all treatment rooms. This includes the tables and chairs, the doorknobs, the light switch, and any other surface that has been touched.
  • All common services throughout our center are disinfected throughout the day, including our bathroom. The reception counter and point of sale’s touch screen are disinfected between every client. The clipboards and pens are as well.
  • All massage tables are covered with a non-porous vinyl table cover(this covers the table warmers and fleece padding) and the face cradle covers have non-porous silicone covers. Both are disinfected between clients.
  • All sheets and blankets are used one time before laundering.
  • We provide hand sanitizer throughout the center in all rooms for staff and client’s regular use.
  • HeartWish uses a plant-based EPA & CDC approved disinfectant that has been proven to kill COVID-19 in under two minutes. This keeps in line with our standard of using earth friendly, chemical-free cleaning products and detergents and catering to those clients with chemical sensitivities. *One exception to this is that we have begun adding Clorox bleach to our table linen and towel wash loads since reopening.

Please stay safe,

Greer & The HeartWish Team 💜