Rehoboth Beach, DE

Stacy LaMotta - Certified Yoga Instructor

Stacy LaMotta


Even as a child I enjoyed dance and physical movement, moving from ballet and gymnastics into teaching aerobics, boot camp and ballroom dancing. When I discovered yoga in the late 90’s I new I had found my true passion! I soon discovered the positive impact my yoga practice had on my life, both mentally and physically and it helped me get through many difficult times. Yoga and Pilates have helped me grow stronger, more fearless, and has taught me to live each moment more mindfully, on and off the mat. I bring to you nearly 40 years of professional teaching experience in movement of the body, calmness of the mind and the connection to the soul.

I am a 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor with training in Iyengar, power, vinyasa, fundamentals and restorative yoga. I am also a Certified ISSA Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialist, Zumba Teacher as well as a Healthy Life Coach.

My Yoga Fusion with a side of Pilates classes blend fitness, physical alignment and core strength into the spiritual practice of yoga. You can expect a creative, yet safe, strong, yet playful style, infused with doses of inspiration that will enhance your practice. I welcome everyone onto the mat where they can understand that yoga can expand their vision of what is possible, stretch their soul and be true to themselves. I truly believe when you incorporate yoga into your life you will walk away feeling transformed, strangely strong and more self empowered and self-aware.


“We grow not by mastering what we pursue, but by the nature of the pursuit.”