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Dear HeartWish Clients and Students,

Outdoor Yoga Classes will be starting this Saturday, June 27th, 2020 on the Spring Lake grounds (by the pool and its parking lot) in the Forgotten Mile. Free parking, plenty of shaded and full sun spots, and lots of room to socially distance yourself from your yogi neighbor. Please bring your own mat and props. Classes are $10-$15 and available for online purchase through MindBody. Cash payment is also accepted(please have the exact amount as teachers may not have change).  Masks are not required. Weather permitting.

In our mission to create and sustain a healthy community, all other services, classes, and events will take a pause until things settle down. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Sending blessings of good health to you and yours,

Greer & the HeartWish Healing Team


Great Escape Massage | Happy Feet Treatment | Swedish Massage | Deep Tissue Massage | Prenatal Massage | Couples Massage | Shiatsu | Chakra Balance | Sonic Session | Reiki

Heartwish Massage & Bodywork

The Great Escape Massage

A head, neck, and shoulder massage for when tension is overwhelming and free time is hard to find.

  • 30 min $55


Happy Feet Treatment

This treatment commences with a foot bath & scrub followed by a luxurious 30 minute foot massage that combines reflexology, and finishes with a soothing peppermint foot balm. It will make your feet dance!

  • 45 min $65


Swedish Massage

Long, gliding strokes with light to medium pressure are used to soothe away stress and tension from head to toe, transporting you to a state of tranquility. This massage softens connective tissue, releases toxins, increases circulation, and relaxes muscles.

  • 60 min $90
  • 90 min $125
  • 120 min $160


Deep Tissue Massage

A therapeutic massage for tight muscles, tension, and chronic pain from overworked muscles or injury. Deep, slow strokes are used to focus on problem areas.

  • 60 min $100
  • 90 min $140
  • 120 min $180


Prenatal Massage

Massage to support the needs of the expectant mama throughout her pregnancy. Supine, prone, and/or side-lying positions are used with the help of cushioning.

  • 60 min $90
  • 90 min $125


Heartwish Healing Center

Couples Massage

Couples massage is offered in our tranquil Cherry Blossom Room.

60 minutes $180
90 minutes $250

*Additional fees for Deep Tissue



Shiatsu is a form of Japanese massage that is based on the meridian system developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The translation of “shi” is finger, and “atsu” is pressure – in other words, finger pressure massage. Shiatsu is often referred to as “acupuncture without the needles”. The shiatsu therapist uses palm, finger, and thumb pressure along meridian pathways (the channels connecting acupoints) to stimulate a healthy flow of qi, or life force energy, to the body/mind system. Clients are fully clothed and this service is performed on a futon.

  • 60 min $100
  • 90 min $140


Heartwish Healing Center

The HeartWish Chakra Balance

The clearing and balancing of the seven major chakras using energy work and enhanced with a crystal attunement. Includes a fifteen minute consultation afterwards.

  • 60 min $80


The HeartWish Sonic Session

The HeartWish Sonic Session is a resonant healing session combining the frequencies of sound, light, and intention. Sound Healing tools from around the world combined with Reiki create an atmosphere of high vibration, optimal for all healing levels. Client may choose to enjoy their experience on a futon or cocooned in an aerial yoga hammock! Client is fully clothed.

  • 45 minutes $75



A Japanese technique that uses universal energy for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and well-being by restoring one's life force or Ki ( also known as Chi or Prana).  Clients are fully clothed.

  • 30 min $45
  • 60 min $80


*Usui Reiki classes available >


Packages 5 pack 10 pack
Swedish $400 $700
Deep Tissue $450 $800


Gift certificates are available.

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