Rehoboth Beach, DE

Let’s Talk About Stress! Diane Winiarczyk Tues May 14 2019, 6:30pm

Stress is a feeling that we have when we are overloaded and struggling to cope with demands. Stress is also a physical response to those demands. Stress can be a motivator and essential to survival, but if there are too many stressors or if triggered too easily, it can undermine our health and become harmful.

Join us for a free informative discussion on different causes of stress, how stress can affect us, and steps we can take to lead a more stress-free life. This discussion will be led by Diane L. Winiarczyk, a Functional Health Coach. Diane recently retired as a Chief Financial Officer, downsized her family home and moved to Rehoboth Beach to focus on living, and helping others to live, a healthier life.

Join Diane Winiarczyk, Functional Health Coach, for a free informative discussion on stress.